LS Power Transmission

“LS Power has been a leading advocate for competition in the transmission sector. Competition leads to lower costs and more efficient projects for consumers.”

Paul Thessen, President, Development


LS Power was selected by the New York Independent System Operator (NYISO) as the most efficient and cost-effective solution in New York’s largest competitive transmission project to date.  The Marcy to New Scotland upgrade project consists of nearly 100 miles of double circuit 345 kV transmission and two new gas insulated substations.

Additional Information: http://www.LSPGridNewYork.com


LS Power was selected as one of eight entities by the Public Utility Commission to build and own a portion of the 2,300 miles of new transmission infrastructure required to access wind generation resources in Texas. LS Power’s project was completed ahead of schedule, below budget and at the lowest cost per mile of any provider.

Additional Information: www.crosstexas.com


LS Power was awarded the first competitively solicited transmission project by PJM Interconnection. LS Power’s solution was deemed lower cost and environmentally superior to other options proposed, and established a first-of-its-kind project cost cap to protect electricity consumers from paying for cost overruns – a new, consumer-focused approach.

Additional Information: www.silverrunelectric.com


LS Power was chosen by the California Independent System Operator to build and own the Harry Allen to Eldorado 500 kV transmission line. The selection report concluded that LS Power’s proposal included “… more robust capital/construction cost and ROE caps that should result in lower costs and present less risk compared to the proposals of the other two project sponsors, thus benefiting ratepayers.”

Additional Information: www.desertlinktransmission.com


LS Power was chosen by the Midcontinent Independent System Operator for its first competitive project under FERC Order 1000. The selection report stated that LS Power’s proposal “… exhibited the best balance of high-quality design and competitive cost, best-in-class project implementation and top-tier plans for operations and maintenance.”

Additional Information: http://www.republictransmission.com/


LS Power developed the first-ever connection between NV Energy’s northern and southern load centers, providing a more cost-effective pathway to deliver renewable energy to consumers and enhance reliability of the Western Grid.

Additional Information: https://energy.gov/lpo/one-nevada-line

Leading the Way in Transmission Sector Competition

LS Power transmission projects strengthen America’s power system and help deliver energy resources to tens of millions of homes and businesses across the country. We have developed and constructed more than 630 miles of transmission infrastructure and have over 370 miles of additional projects in the planning stages. In the process we lower consumer costs, provide jobs and give back to the communities we serve.

To date we have been selected to build transmission projects by a majority of the Independent System Operators across the country. This includes winning the first competitive solicitation in both PJM Interconnection (PJM) and Midcontinent Independent System Operator (MISO), which together serve more than 100 million people across more than 25 states.

LS Power is a leading advocate for transparent and competitive processes to plan, build and own transmission infrastructure. While competition now exists for certain projects in certain regions, it remains limited and should be expanded to benefit consumers.

Our Difference

LS Power sets itself apart through our innovative, efficient, cost-driven, environmental and community-focused approach to transmission projects. We understand the importance to consumers and businesses of a reliable and efficient transmission grid. We are proud to deliver operational excellence and superior value for all our stakeholders.

Our success is built on the results of our extraordinary and innovative people, processes and expertise including:

Planning engineers who possess the expertise to identify the most effective solutions to electrical grid issues

Business, finance and legal teams that ensure minimized costs, first-in-kind protections for consumers and flexible arrangements to meet our partners’ needs

Development, engineering and construction groups that utilize best practices to implement our projects

Operations and maintenance team that is focused on the reliable, safe and efficient operations of our facilities