LS Power actively works to maintain the trust we earn from our customers and counterparties, and seeks to build longstanding relationships. Additionally, we believe that our commitment to the progression, security and reliability of the electric grid and our support of competitive markets is changing the face of the energy industry, ultimately for the benefit of all electric power and energy infrastructure users.

As ESG principles continue to evolve, we are consistently weaving those principles into our governance structures, ensuring that LS Power operates in accordance with best practices. We provide our managers with expertise and resources, and empower them to make strategic and operational decisions related to employees, contractors and other third-party service providers within their purview.

Energy Affordability and Reliability

While LS Power’s business activities have evolved and expanded with market opportunities, what has remained constant is our unwavering focus on providing efficient and affordable energy market solutions for consumers and the communities we serve. We believe transparent and competitive energy markets are a pathway to innovation and efficiency that ultimately will lead to more affordable, technologically advanced and cleaner solutions for consumers and our environment. To read more about how we provide affordable, reliable energy, please see the Energy Affordability and Reliability section of our Sustainability Report.

Innovation and Technology

Innovation is the cornerstone of our business. In our journey to becoming the most successful competitive transmission developer in the United States, winning more project awards than any other developer, LS Power has set itself apart through an innovative, efficient, cost-driven, environmental and community-focused approach. Our projects strengthen America’s power system and help deliver energy to tens of millions of homes and businesses across the country. To read more about our innovative and technologically advanced solutions, please see the Innovation and Technology section of our Sustainability Report.

Since LS Power’s inception, we have believed in and advocated for competitive energy markets. We know that competition spurs creativity and drives down rates to provide consumers with the most innovative and affordable energy solutions.

2022 Sustainability Report