About Us

Founded in 1990 by Mike Segal and Michael Liebelson, LS Power is a family and employee owned development, investment and operating company focused on the power and energy infrastructure sector.

In total, we have developed, constructed, managed and acquired more than 47,000 MW of competitive power generation and over 780 miles of transmission infrastructure, for which we have raised $54 billion in debt and equity financing to invest in North American infrastructure.

For decades, LS Power has been at the leading edge of the industry’s evolution, often introducing or commercializing new technologies and developing new markets. Today is no different. We don’t just talk about decarbonization, we make it happen:

As a developer, investor, and operator in the energy sector, we possess a unique combination of industry-specific expertise, resources and relationships that enable us to arrive at creative solutions to the current and future needs of the communities we operate in and our investors.

LS Power promotes sustainability through strategies designed to not only disrupt, but also transform the industry by advocating for high-impact policies, developing new clean energy resources, optimizing existing power assets, and investing in emerging clean energy technologies.

Our constant engagement with every aspect of the energy industry combined with rigorous analytical examination of the economic, policy, and regulatory drivers allow us to successfully navigate the ever-changing energy landscape.

LS Power Group

LS Power Development

LS Power has successfully developed over 13,000 MW of power generation and over 780 miles of long-distance, high-voltage transmission infrastructure in the U.S.

LS Power Investment Partnerships

LS Power is an established investment manager with over $10 billion in equity capital committed to the North American power and energy infrastructure sectors.

The LS Power model reduces costs for ratepayers and enables better environmental outcomes.