About Us

No other company does all that we do, which makes us better at what we do.

Founded in 1990, LS Power is a developer, investor and operator of power generation, transmission and energy infrastructure projects in North America. Since its inception, LS Power has invested over $40 billion to construct, acquire and operate such projects. LS Power employs an integrated, multi-disciplinary approach, with a team of over 200 people covering every area of expertise required to successfully execute in the sector. Additionally, our projects have created thousands of construction and operations jobs in communities throughout the U.S.

As a developer, investor and operator in the energy sector, we possess a unique combination of industry-specific expertise, resources and relationships that enable us to arrive at creative solutions to the current and future needs of our customers, investors and communities we operate in.

Our constant engagement with every aspect of the energy industry combined with rigorous analytical examination of the economic, policy and regulatory drivers allow us to successfully navigate the ever-changing energy landscape.

LS Power

Founded in 1990, LS Power is a development, investment and operating company focused on power generation, energy infrastructure and related investments. We are employee-owned, with offices in New York, New Jersey, Missouri, California and Texas. Since our inception, we have developed, constructed, managed and acquired more than 41,000 MW of competitive power generation and over 560 miles of transmission infrastructure, for which we have raised over $40 billion in debt and equity financing.

LS Power Development

LS Power Development has successfully developed over 9,000 MW of power generation and 560 miles of long-distance, high-voltage transmission infrastructure in the United States.

LS Power Equity Advisors

LS Power Equity Advisors is an established infrastructure investment manager with $8.6 billion in committed capital for its power and energy infrastructure-focused private equity investment strategy.

The LS Power model reduces costs for ratepayers and enables better environmental outcomes.

Core Values

LS Power is an investor, owner and developer in the power space.
We operate our business in a manner consistent with our culture and values:


We measure our success by strong industry relationships, thriving employees and high-quality operating assets that deliver a reliable source of energy to consumers.


It shows in the rigor of our thought process, the strategic deployment of capital and our analysis of local, regulatory, environmental and social developments impacting the power and energy industry.


The entrepreneurial spirit thrives at LS Power. From our early transformative years as a pioneer in the industry, to finding creative and practical solutions to foreseeable and unforeseeable challenges, innovation drives us.

Constant Engagement

Our team integrates ideas, skills and real-time market input from our stakeholders and market participants in order to identify and execute on opportunities that benefit our customers, local and regional communities and investors.

Critical to our organization’s success is a team of highly skilled professionals that provides extensive capabilities in managing every aspect of the independent power business including land acquisition, environmental permitting, construction management, power marketing and origination, and operations.

Our Development Philosophy

As a developer of power generation and electric transmission infrastructure in North America, our goal is to create lower cost, efficient, cleaner energy solutions for our customers, and improve the functionality, reliability, resiliency and efficiency of the aging transmission system.

Meet the needs of our customers

  • Provide safe, reliable and competitive energy
  • Develop renewable and fossil-based power generation
  • Build reliable transmission infrastructure

Be protective of the environment

  • Implement modern designs with advanced technologies
  • Tailor projects to the locality and region
  • Keep our technology footprint as small as possible

Work with local communities

  • Design projects that fit with community plans and goals
  • Encourage use of local subcontractors and hire local workers
  • Provide training and education initiatives

Support competitive markets

  • Advocate for equitable and transparent wholesale market design and energy procurement practices
  • Support cost-effective, competitive transmission opportunities under FERC (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission) Order 1000