Founded in 1990, LS Power has grown from a team of 2 people focused on solely development, to more than 370 professionals focused on the development, construction, and acquisition of a diverse mix of generation assets (including gas-fired, solar, wind, hydro, and battery storage), high-voltage transmission lines and energy transition companies. Additionally, LS Power employs thousands of contracted construction and operations personnel across the United States through our projects and portfolio companies.

But some things never change, like our focus on creating innovative solutions for complex problems, our culture of discipline, and the dedication of our people.

For the projects we acquire, our team works to improve their operational efficiency and capability. For the projects we develop, we look to build capacity that is more efficient or flexible than traditional forms of power generation or transmission, facilitating the transition of the grid to one that is more resilient, more affordable, and cleaner. Additionally, LS Power is acquiring and scaling energy efficiency and distributed energy platforms.

“Through all of our activities, we are enabling America’s transition to a greener and more efficient power grid. Importantly, we seek to align ourselves with the needs and desires of our customers – the people and businesses that pay the electric bills.” – LS Power CEO Paul Segal

Featured Headlines


Maine PUC moves forward with LS Power Grid’s Transmission Solution to Deliver Renewable Energy from Northern Maine. 

LS Power Grid Maine’s project scope will include the build-out of more than 100 miles of new 345 kV transmission lines and multiple substations, which will deliver power from Longroad Energy’s 1000 MW King Pine Wind project.


LS Power Selected by the California ISO for Transmission Projects Collinsville & Manning

These represent LS Power’s fourth and fifth competitively procured transmission awards by CAISO. CAISO’s selection reports for each project stated that LS Power’s proposals “provide the most overall rate certainty and stability and the lowest project net present value.” CAISO’s reports went on to say that LS Power offered “the strongest cost containment measures.”


LS Power to Acquire U.S. Portfolio of 42 Hydro Facilities; Geographically Diverse Projects Support Company’s Energy Transition Focus

“With the addition of this large, geographically diverse, run-of-river hydroelectric portfolio, combined with our existing energy transition platforms, LS Power continues to lead the effort to develop a cleaner, more reliable, and more affordable energy ecosystem,” said LS Power CEO Paul Segal.


PJM selects LS Power from a first-of-its-kind competitive process (FERC 1000) to design, construct, own, operate and maintain the Delaware – New Jersey electric transmission project. LS Power introduces an industry first: a construction cost cap to protect consumers from project overruns.


LS Power breaks ground on the Centinela Solar Energy project, which began commercial operation in 2014. The $700 million facility will generate 170 megawatts to supply San Diego Gas & Electric with enough electricity to power one million homes annually.


LS Power completes financing for West Deptford Energy Station in New Jersey. The 738 MW electric generating facility utilizes state-of-the-art combustion turbine technology with advanced emission controls.


Dover Sun Park opens. LS Power constructed the 10 MW solar power plant – one of the Mid-Atlantic region’s largest – through a statewide partnership with the City of Dover, Delmarva Power, Delaware Municipal Electric Corporation (DEMEC) and the Delaware Sustainable Energy Utility (SEU).

LS Power Through The Years

2009 – present

LS Power Development financed and constructed over 13,000 MW of utility-scale generation (including solar photovoltaic, wind, natural gas-fired, and battery energy storage projects) and 660 miles of high-voltage transmission projects totaling over $4 billion in capital investment.

2005 – present

Extending our platform resources to optimize existing assets, LS Power Equity Advisors was formed in 2005. Through LS Power Equity Advisors and other investment partnerships, LS Power has raised over $10 billion in committed capital to invest in North American power and energy infrastructure.

2000 – 2007

Amid rising natural gas prices and customer demand for base load generation, LS Power Development’s activities were reoriented toward developing modern and more efficient power generation plants with advanced emission controls at a capital cost in excess of $3 billion.

1998 – 2001

Anticipating an eventual overbuild of power generation facilities, LS Power Development successfully divested the entirety of its generation fleet, while retaining our development, construction and management teams.

1990 – 2000

Identifying opportunity amid power market deregulation, LS Power Development developed nine utility-scale natural gas-fired power generation facilities, with a combined capital cost in excess of $2.9 billion.