FERC Standards of Conduct

Transparency Postings

(last update as of May 15, 2018)

LS Power Development, LLC


DesertLink, LLC


Republic Transmission, LLC


Northeast Transmission Development, LLC
d/b/a Silver Run Electric, LLC


North America Transmission Corp.


North America Transmission, LLC


Section Description of Requirement Posting
358.8(c)(2) Name and Contact information for the Chief Compliance Officer Chief Compliance Officer:
Jeffrey Wade
Phone: (212) 615-3456
358.7(a)(1-2) No Conduit Disclosures None
358.7(c) Notice of Voluntary Consent of Transmission Customer Information None
358.7(d) Written Procedures Implementing the Standards of Conduct LS Power SOC Procedures
358.7(e)(1) Names and Addresses of Affiliates with Marketing Function Employees (MFEs)  Marketing Function Affiliate List
358.7(e)(2) Facilities Shared by Transmission Function Employees (TFEs)/Marketing Function Employees (MFEs) None
358.7(e)(3) Potential Merger Partners with Marketing Function Employees (MFEs) None
358.7(f)(1) Job Titles/Descriptions of Transmission Function Employees (TFEs) TFE Job Titles and Descriptions List
358.7(f)(2) Position Transfers between Transmission Function Employees (TFEs)/Marketing Function Employees (MFEs) None
358.7(i) Waivers None