Our people are our most valuable asset. We strive to provide a safe and inclusive work environment, opportunities for professional growth and competitive compensation and benefits.

LS Power’s investments in energy infrastructure across the country extend to our surrounding communities. We are committed to supporting the communities where we operate, stimulating local economies with tax revenues, job creation, local hiring, and charitable contributions. As good neighbors, our contributions focus on improving economic growth, education, health, and social welfare outcomes. Since 2012, we have contributed $10 million to these important causes. To learn more about our charitable giving, please see our Community blog.

Talent Management

LS Power is thankful and proud to have employees who have been with the firm for multiple decades. We invite employees to take advantage of our competitive benefits, professional development and equal employment opportunity environment to build a long and fulfilling career with us. We are committed to hiring and developing diverse talent as part of our pledge to “Powering Change.” Through Powering Change, we embody the practice that diverse perspectives foster innovation, and in turn, the continued growth of LS Power. To read more about how we attract, engage and retain diverse talent, please see the Our People and Communities section of our Sustainability Report.

Economic Development

LS Power’s development and expansion projects have created jobs, provided revenue to local schools and government and generated needed energy infrastructure and support for our surrounding communities.

In every community where LS Power operates, we actively work to minimize environmental impact, stimulate local economies through tax revenue, create job and training opportunities, and hire local talent. We are proud to have supported our local communities by creating thousands of jobs and provided $447.5 million in tax revenues since 2013 to support city and state government services and local schools while also delivering renewable energy and increased grid reliability across the country. To read more about how we support local communities, please see the Our Approach to Community Engagement  section of our Sustainability Report.

In 2022, we continued to support our neighboring communities with upwards of $1.7 million in charitable contributions and more than 400 volunteer hours to 240+ charities.

2022 Sustainability Report