LS Power is made up of hard-working, resourceful, and innovative people with integrity.

From construction to investment and operation, the LS Power executive management team integrates energy solutions, skills and market trends to identify, evaluate and execute on opportunities that are designed to benefit our customers, communities and investors.

Our cohesive team spans multiple disciplines including project development, acquisitions, project finance, engineering, construction management, power marketing and origination, fuel management, transmission, and regulatory and environmental compliance.

To date, LS Power has developed, constructed, managed or acquired more than 45,000 MW of power generation, including utility-scale solar, wind, hydro, natural gas-fired and battery storage projects, and over 660 miles of transmission, for which we have raised over $47 billion in debt and equity financing. Additionally, LS Power actively invests in businesses and platforms focused on distributed energy resources and energy efficiency.

Management Committee

Mike Segal

Founder & Chairman

Paul Segal

Chief Executive Officer

Darpan Kapadia

Chief Operating Officer

James Bartlett

Vice Chairman

Joseph Esteves

Co-Head, Private Equity & CFO

David Nanus

Co-Head, Private Equity

Ron Fischer

Executive Vice President, General Counsel

Development and Operations

Paul Thessen

President, LS Power Development

John King

Executive Vice President, Renewables

Carolyne Murff

Senior Vice President, Head of Asset Management

Nathan Hanson

Senior Vice President, Energy and Commercial Management

Lawrence Willick

Senior Vice President, Project Development

Robert Colozza

Senior Vice President, Project Development

Patrick Fiel

CEO, LS Digital Infrastructure

Investment and Finance

Ernest Kim

Managing Director, Private Equity

Matthew Mitchell

Managing Director, Private Equity

Richard Roloff

Managing Director, Private Equity

John Burke

Managing Director, Private Equity & Finance

Gary Gitelman

Managing Director

John Staikos

Senior Vice President, Private Equity General Counsel

David Marshall

Senior Vice President, Associate General Counsel

Cameron Tajvar

Senior Vice President, Private Equity

David Chang

Senior Vice President, Private Equity

Reid Capalino

Senior Vice President, Business Development

Regulatory, Compliance and Reporting

Scott Tansey

Senior Vice President and Treasurer

Shimon Edelstein

Executive Vice President and Head of Tax

Suzanne Pepe

Senior Vice President, Tax Counsel

Scott Carver

Senior Vice President and Associate General Counsel

Jennifer Neill

Senior Vice President and Private Equity Chief Accounting Officer

Joe Myers

Senior Vice President and LS Power Chief Accounting Officer

Jeff Wade

Chief Compliance Officer

Emily Simonis

Director of Investor Relations

“We have a unique platform which combines our strategic expertise as an owner/operator with a very strong finance, investment and deal execution capability … I think it’s very difficult for anyone to replicate. Our team operates with integrity to serve our customers and investors.”

-Mike Segal, Founder and Chairman