Springdale Energy Supports Boy and Girl Scouts of Pennsylvania

Springdale Energy Supports Boy and Girl Scouts of Pennsylvania

Through Springdale Energy Station in Springdale Township, PA, LS Power supported their local Girls and Boys Scout community in Allegheny County of Western Pennsylvania.

Springdale Energy donated $10,000 to the Girl Scouts of Western PA for initiatives focusing on STEM education which encourages an integrated approach to learning Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, so that students can gain useful skills such as critical thinking and problem-solving through hands-on learning initiatives.

“Girl Scouts has both the reach and proven programming to motivate a new generation of girls to explore STEM and become confident leaders.  To be effective and long-lasting, STEM engagement needs to start early.  Through Girl Scouting, girls explore progressive, girl-led STEM activities at every level from Kindergarten through High School.”

– Melissa Dunlap, Senior Manager, Grants and Grant Funded Programs

Photos of Springdale Girl Scout Troop 46658 who also visited Springdale Energy Station for a presentation and site tour led by plant manager Eric Kuper. 

Springdale Energy also donated $5,600 to August Tabacheck of Boy Scout Troop 504for his Eagle Scout project where he designed and built a dog park at Agan Park in Springdale Township in honor of his father who passed away in 2018.  With donations from Springdale Energy and a GoFundMe page and the help of volunteers, August was able to complete the dog park in mid-September.

The reason I have chosen to build a dog park is because years ago before my Dad passed away we talked about how my Eagle project could really be an opportunity to do something big for the community.  We talked specifically about a dog park because of our love for dogs and the need for one in Springdale.  I want my project to be something that both benefits the community (2 and 4 legged) and makes my dad proud.”

– August Tabacheck, Eagle Scout


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