Public Utility Commission Selects Cross Texas Transmission as part of CREZ Transmission Plan

Public Utility Commission Selects Cross Texas Transmission as part of CREZ Transmission Plan

The Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUCT) today issued an order selecting transmission service providers to construct, operate and maintain an estimated $4.9 billion in new electric transmission infrastructure to deliver renewable energy from competitive renewable-energy zones (CREZs) to electric customers in Texas. The transmission improvements consist of more than 2,300 miles of new high-voltage transmission lines designed to increase the system capacity to accommodate 18,456 megawatts of renewable energy.

The PUCT selected Cross Texas Transmission, LLC to construct, operate and maintain over 200 miles of double circuit 345-kV transmission lines and associated equipment generally located in the Texas Panhandle including facilities in Briscoe County, Carson County, Cottle County, Childress County, Collingsworth County, Donley County, Gray County, and Hall County. Cross Texas Transmission, an affiliate of LS Power, is one of eight transmission service providers selected by the PUCT.

Cross Texas Transmission was determined to be one of the new entrants best qualified to participate in the CREZ Transmission Plan. “We look forward to working with the Commission, wind developers, landowners, local communities, and other stakeholders to make the CREZ transmission projects a reality,” said Lawrence Willick, Senior Vice President of LS Power Development, LLC. The PUCT has set a targeted completion date for all of the CREZ projects by year-end 2013, with each project to be scheduled through sequencing dockets at the PUCT.

About Cross Texas Transmission
Cross Texas Transmission is a wholly owned subsidiary of LS Power that will construct, operate and maintain transmission facilities in Texas. LS Power is a power generation and transmission group with a proven track record of successful development activities, operations management and commercial execution. LS Power has been involved in the development, construction, or operations of over 20,000 MW of power generation throughout the United States. LS Power is actively developing both power generation and transmission infrastructure to serve the need for new generation and improve the aging transmission system. Highly regarded in the financial community, LS Power has raised over $11 billion in debt and equity since 2005.


Founded in 1990, LS Power is a premier development, investment, and operating company focused on the North American power and energy infrastructure sector, with leading platforms across generation, transmission and energy transition solutions. Since inception, LS Power has developed or acquired 47,000 MW of power generation, including utility-scale solar, wind, hydro, battery energy storage, and natural gas-fired facilities. Additionally, LS Power Grid has built 780+ miles of high-voltage transmission, with 350+ miles and multiple grid infrastructure projects currently under construction or development. LS Power actively invests in and scales businesses that are accelerating the energy transition, including electric vehicle charging, demand response, microgrids, renewable fuels and waste-to-energy platforms. Over the years, LS Power has raised $54 billion in debt and equity capital to support North American infrastructure. For information, please visit www.LSPower.com.