Patriot Hydro Holds Whitewater Boating and Access Study Benefiting Community Members of Lowell

Patriot Hydro Holds Whitewater Boating and Access Study Benefiting Community Members of Lowell

LS Power’s Patriot Hydro employees were excited to team up with the American Whitewater Advocacy Group (American Whitewater) and host a whitewater boating and access study in an effort to determine where it is safe for the public to partake in whitewater kayaking activities. American Whitewater is a national non-profit river conservation organization founded in 1954 whose mission is to protect and restore America’s whitewater rivers and to enhance opportunities and to enjoy them safely.

As the Patriot Hydro Facility sits on the Merrimack River, a public waterway that belongs to the state of Massachusetts, it’s required that access is provided to the general public. Over 15 miles of river is taken up by the dam going up into New Hampshire and canals throughout Lowell; within that there’s about a half mile long stretch of rough water that’s accessible for whitewater boating. By working together with FERC and American Whitewater, the group was able to check out the area and determine proper safety paths where locals and visitors can get into and out of the water both legally and safely.

In order to create a good environment for the whitewater activities, Patriot Hydro has to back down turbines, in turn losing generation when providing these flows. Patriot Hydro works with American Whitewater and FERC to create a predetermined schedule of when the whitewater boating activities can take place.

In addition to the study, Patriot Hydro is purchasing a fish ladder which provides a detour route for migrating fish past obstructions on the river. These fish ladders work by using a series of ascending pools where fish are able to leap through the waterfall, rest in one of the pools, and then continue to repeat the process until they are back in the water. This is instrumental in the survival of many fish species as dams and other river blocks can potentially slow or stop fish migration, potentially leading to the decline of certain fish stocks.

Patriot Hydro prioritizes engaging with FERC and groups such as the American Whitewater Advocacy Group to generate electricity while working towards being a good neighbor and an environmentally beneficial operation. Please see our philanthropy page at https://www.lspower.com/category/community-giving/ for more on how LS Power gives back to communities.


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