LS Power’s Cross Texas Transmission Supports TOADS and Bus Ministry Program

LS Power’s Cross Texas Transmission Supports TOADS and Bus Ministry Program

LS Power’s Cross Texas Transmission (CTT) group showed their support for the diabetic community by donating $2,000 to the Type One Area Diabetic Support (TOADS) organization in Amarillo, Texas.  With the help of CTT’s donation, TOADS broke their previous record and raised over $100,000 at their SHOOT OUT Type 1 Diabetes event at River Breaks Ranch.  TOADS expressed gratitude for the donation, which will help meet the challenges of continued supply chain issues and increasing medications costs.

“We are truly humbled by the support we received.  Please know that this does not go unnoticed and that we are truly grateful!  Because of your endless kindness we have ALWAYS been able to provide assistance to each and every Type 1 Diabetic when they have reached out for help – whether that be covering the cost of supplies, insulin, medical bills, camp, or any other T1D related expenses.”

-Type One Area Diabetic Support Board & Shoot Out Committee

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LS Power’s Cross Texas Transmission group was also proud to support Rockwell Road Baptist Church in Amarillo, TX through its donation of $1,000 towards their Bus Ministry Program. The program serves underprivileged children in the surrounding area.  Every Sunday morning buses drive out to pick up kids in poverty-stricken areas and bring them to church.  On the ride there, each child is fed breakfast and provided lunch on the way home.  We are truly grateful for the opportunity to donate towards such a great program that helps kids in need!

“Our bus children are in need of love, food and care!  Most of the time, the only place they get love is at church.  They have been hurt and abused so many times in their lives, that it is hard for them to trust anyone.  We are able to feed them, clothe them and give them all the love we can, all because of your support!”

-Brother Ron Hardy, Rockwell Road Baptist Church

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LS Power’s Cross Texas Transmission group is proud to support local organizations through over $120,000 of donations in 2021, and looks forward to continuing community support efforts in 2022!


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