GE Energy Financial Services Expands Gas-Fired Lending Portfolio with $73 Million for LS Power Merchant Plants

GE Energy Financial Services Expands Gas-Fired Lending Portfolio with $73 Million for LS Power Merchant Plants

STAMFORD, Conn.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Bolstering its lending portfolio of natural gas-fired power plants, GE (NYSE: GE) unit GE Energy Financial Services announced today it is providing $73 million for three merchant generating facilities owned by an affiliate of LS Power in Illinois and Connecticut.
GE Energy Financial Services, serving as administrative and collateral agent, is providing a senior secured credit facility that includes a term loan and revolving credit facility for the three gas-fired plants, which operate as peakers and are grouped as LSP Park Generating, LLC. Two of the plants, the 540-megawatt University Park North Power Plant and 300-megawatt University Park South Power Plant, are located in University Park, Ill. The third peaker, the 225-megawatt Wallingford Power Plant, is in Wallingford, Conn. LS Power is using the credit facilities to recapitalize the three plants.

“This transaction with LS Power reflects our ability to understand and lend against the underlying value of assets, including uncontracted generating plants, in recovering power markets,” said Matt O’Connor, a managing director and leader of the Financial Institutions Group at GE Energy Financial Services. “We are able to analyze the near, medium and short-term power markets, then structure a transaction that enables us to lead-arrange and finance generating assets.”

GE Energy Financial Services and LS Power have been partners on prior debt and equity transactions. For example, in a separate transaction completed in April, GE Energy Financial Services served as lender and administrative agent for a $125 million senior secured credit facility that included a term loan and revolving credit facility for LS Power. LS Power is using those proceeds to recapitalize Port River Funding, LLC, which includes two gas-fired peaker plants: the 740-megawatt Renaissance Facility in Carson City, Mich. and the 925-megawatt Riverside Facility in Zelda, Ky. GE Energy Financial Services had served as co-lead arranger for Port River Funding in 2009.

GE Energy Financial Services’ natural gas power portfolio includes 75 transactions worth $6.3 billion, invested in plants with 72 gigawatts of capacity.

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