Edward Sondey

CEO, REV Renewables

Mr. Sondey serves as the Chief Executive Officer of REV Renewables, one of the largest independent energy storage and renewable energy companies in the United States, which was launched by LS Power in 2021. Prior to REV, Mr. Sondey served as Senior Managing Director of Private Equity at LS Power, where he led several acquisitions, was responsible for investments in energy-related public securities and commodities, and was a member of its broader investment committee.

Previously, Mr. Sondey was a Managing Director in BofA Merrill Lynch’s Global Energy and Power Investment Banking Group. Prior to BofA Merrill Lynch, Mr. Sondey was Vice President of Finance for PSEG Power, where he led finance activities and executed several asset merger and acquisitions, as well as development transactions. Mr. Sondey began his career as an early member of J. Makowski Associates, a developer of electric power generation projects. Mr. Sondey received a B.A. from Princeton University.