LS Power’s Hummel Station Employees Volunteer at Central PA Food Bank

LS Power’s Hummel Station Employees Volunteer at Central PA Food Bank

LS Power’s Hummel Station Employees Volunteer at Central PA Food Bank

Part of >$678,000 in LS Power Community Philanthropy in PA since 2017

LS Power’s Hummel Station employees spent their #GivingTuesday working at the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank. In addition to Hummel Station’s donation of $5,150, its employees worked alongside other volunteers to pack 300 boxes with fresh food items for those in need. Central Pennsylvania Food Bank serves more than 152,000 people across 27 counties through their “Healthy Food Hubs” each month. These hubs handle a remarkable amount of food – over 74.5 million pounds last year alone! Check out this time lapse video showing all that is accomplished in just a single day at the food bank: https://youtu.be/spra32O1VqI.


“Because of [LS Power’s Hummel Station], nutritious local food can be a reality for all! Thanks to your donation of $5,150, central Pennsylvanians facing hunger have access to delicious, locally sourced fruits and vegetables, protein packed eggs, beef, pork, poultry, fresh milk and cheese. Just like going to the Farmer’s Market to fill our baskets with locally grown items, our neighbors can also feed their families with healthy, fresh food.”

– Joe Arthur, Executive Director, Central Pennsylvania Food Bank (May 2, 2022)


LS Power is appreciative that we have the opportunity to support Central Pennsylvania Kitchen, as well as various organizations focused on addressing community needs, including those following as part of our more than $180,000 in local philanthropy efforts from Hummel Station since 2021:

Beyond Hummel Station, LS Power also owns and operates other Pennsylvania generation, including the Armstrong, Chambersburg, Gans, Ironwood, and Springdale Energy Stations. These projects collectively provide more than 3,500 MW of reliable gas-fired power generation that provides electricity day in and day out, with the ability to turn on quickly to support the grid when weather conditions curtail wind and solar production.

Additionally, LS Power company REV Renewables owns Seneca Generating Station, a 508 MW pumped storage hydro facility in Warren County, PA.

Across these projects, LS Power has supported Pennsylvania community groups with more than $678,000 in charitable donations since 2017.

About LS Power:

LS Power is a development, investment and operating company focused on the North American power and energy infrastructure sector. Since its inception in 1990, in addition to its development of more than 660 miles of high voltage transmission, LS Power has developed, constructed, managed or acquired in total more than 45,000 MW of power generation, including utility-scale solar, wind, hydro, natural gas-fired and battery energy storage projects. LS Power actively invests in distributed energy resource platforms, such as CPower Energy Management, Endurant Energy and EVgo, as well as Waste-to-Renewable Generation and Fuel initiatives. Additionally, LS Power invests in renewables and energy storage through REV Renewables. Across its efforts, LS Power has raised in excess of $48 billion in debt and equity financing to support North American infrastructure. For more information, please visit www.LSPower.com.